Sunday, 8 March 2015

NARS - Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella

NARS - Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella - $34

This is becoming a pretty iconic colour in the beauty world. I'm not trying to brag, but I have two. I bought the one above for when Jamie came back to Australia. I wanted something sexy, but kiss proof. Turns out, not so kiss proof, but still incredible. I got my second in the Digital World Christmas Lip Pencil Set they brought out.

NARS Christmas Digital World Lip Pencil Set source

I am 100% on the bandwagon with this. It's such a stunning classic red lip shade. The formula is amazing and although may not be completely kiss proof it's pretty good at staying on for a long time and lasts fairly well through eating and drinking. 

 It contains vitamin E to stop it being too drying but I still find it a little drying so if you have ultra dry lips you may not get a long very well with this one. I would still give it a go, or stop by Mecca or your local NARS counter and talk to them about it because maybe one of the non-matte Lip Pencils would be better. I love the other colours in the digital world set, my only gripe being that Descanso and Torres Del Paine are very similar. Seeing as it isn't available anymore I wouldn't review the set but I'll mention that all the colour and formulas are pretty good. The Satin Lip Pencils are much creamier and glossier, as expected, and are definitely less drying than the Velvet Matte Lip Pencils.

NARS is absolutely one of my favourite make up brands. Definitely one that I use to treat myself with as it's a little pricey, Cruella is $34 on the Mecca website.

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Chi Chi - Naturals Palette

Chi Chi - Naturals Eyeshadow Palette - $22.95 (online)

Oh, how I had lusted after this for a while. Not being expensive at all I'm surprised it did take so long for me to grab this. It was definitely the fact that I didn't really need this rather than the price that stopped me. I actually picked this up before Christmas but gave it to my husband to put it in my stocking. Since Christmas I have had a good amount of use out of that and I just really like it.

The colours are gorgeous and are incredibly blendable. They are smooth and easy to build up. One of my favourite things is that the shimmery colours do not lack in pigment as can sometimes happen. The mixture of the darks, lights, mattes and shimmers really make this palette a great all rounder. I can use this for nights out and day to day and it's definitely a palette that I would take travelling.

On that note, however, the casing is the only grievance I have. It looks great and for a cheaper palette it's not bad. It just doesn't feel sturdy! It's a palette I would love to take travelling (and probably will) but I would always be worried that it would break in my bag. I have a history of breaking the cheap plastics hinges and I hope these one stay strong for a long while!

All in all, I rate this palette. The colours and pigmentation are fantastic for the price. There are many more palettes in the Chi Chi range that I now feel like I need to try!

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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Lush - Yog Nog Soap

Lush - Yog Nog Soap - $6.90/100g

Hello Lovelies!

I'm back and what better way to kick start back into blogging than with a Lush product? This absolutely delicious smelling soap is a limited edition Christmas item. I literally fell in love with it as soon as I smelt it and ended up buying it twice in a row because I forgot I had already picked it up! Yog Nog is super creamy and moisturising as it's made with soy yoghurt. The smell is spicy and christmasy, so it's probably better suited to a colder christmas as it's summer here in Australia and this is a super wintery scent. But, I freaking love it! It smells so good and I cannot stop sniffing it.

I think this would be an awesome stocking stuffer if you need something small to fill up a present, or even as a secret santa gift. It smells great and is super lovely to use! It's available online or in store.

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Seventeen - Skin Wow! 3 Way Highlighter

Seventeen - Skin Wow! 3 Way Highlighter - £5.99/30ml

Hello Lovelies!

This was a product I was curious about but wasn't too sure how I would go with it. I love highlighters and hadn't yet tried a liquid highlighter. It can be used as a primer, mixed into foundation to add a glow or as a highlighter. I tend to only use this as either a primer, if I'm feeling a little dull and I want more of a glow, or as a general highlighter.

It comes with a pump top and I feel as though it dispenses a good amount. It's very easy to keep clean and I find the packaging really sturdy which would be good for traveling.

In the swatch I've shown one pump and as you can see it goes a long way. It's a very silvery, pearlescent colour. I don't think that it makes my makeup last longer when used as a primer, but if you are feeling a little lacklustre than I do recommend. I would be wary of using too much as it is quite shimmery.  I've really enjoyed using it but as it's not available in Australia it will probably not be repurchased for a while!

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

7 Step Evening Skincare Regime

Hello Lovelies! 

I have finally found a skincare regime that has been helping my skin look awesome! I've been feeling much better about my spots and therefore feeling more confident. Having a good skincare regime can (let me be dramatic) change your life. 

I got this cleanser in the Priceline Skincare Goodie Bag and I wasn't too sure about how I'd feel about it. I use it to take off my makeup so I do skip this step every now and then if I hadn't worn make up that day. I find it a little drying if i use it normally but as a makeup remover it breaks everything down really well. Also if I have any spots on my shoulders or back I'll use this to help get rid of them. 

This, I'm in love with. It smells so good, it's gently exfoliating, isn't drying and I reviewed it here.

Tea tree is a natural antibacterial and it seriously helps with reducing spots and keeping your skin nice and bacteria free. I have noticed a difference since I started using this and I do recommend if you have spotty skin. It's not drying at all which I was worried about when I first started using it. 

I don't always use a lip scrub as I can get a little lazy but I try to use it regularly and although this was a Christmas edition, the other lip scrubs from Lush are pretty similar. It is basically just the scent that changes but I reviewed this one here. They leave you with soft, dry skin free lips. Lovely.

Full of grace is a serum that I started using as a moisturiser a little while ago. I love the way this feels and it sinks into the skin relatively quick. I haven't absolutely fallen in love with this, but it's working with the routine I'm in at the moment. It's meant to calm sensitive skin so it works pretty well I think with my spots.

I couldn't find the same eye cream online so I linked another one by the same brand. This eye cream has absolutely helped with my dark circles. It helps my eyes look much more awake and I've definitely noticed a difference. 

Last but not least, the Macadamia oil is my favourite and least favourite step. It's probably my new favourite product in terms of results but it does sit on the skin for quite a while. This means your left with a very oily feeling for about 30 to 60min after applying. It depends on how dry your skin is how fast it sinks in. From what I can gather about how the macadamia oil works is that it hydrates the lipids in your skin which makes your skin appear plumper and smoother and it also helps keep moisture in. I apply this by patting onto my face as I don't want to disturb the serum and eye cream. Of course this makes it take a little longer to absorb but I find I get better results. 

So that's it! Sometimes I do skip a step or two depending on how my skin is feeling. I do skip the macadamia oil if I feel my skin is a little oiler than normal. I've found that my skin is softer, my spots heal faster and appear less often. I have hormonal spots so I find it difficult to make them go away completely but this new routine has definitely helped. 

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

English Haul!

Just to brag a little, I have an amazing partner. Not many girls can boast that their male partner will happily walk through the makeup aisle of a drugstore to pick up make up for them. England have some awesome and cheap drugstore makeup. The brand I miss most would have to be Sleek but I've been missing my Collection concealer and I desperately wanted to try some of Tanya Burr's lip glosses as they have been raved about all over the internet!!

Because of Jamie, I have a few more products to talk about, but I've already talked about the Collection concealer here, the Sleek palette here (I broke my old one, so sad.) and the face form palette here. Bad news though, not available in Australia. Why you do dis?

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Rimmel - BB Cream Matte

Rimmel - BB Cream Matte in Light - $12.95/30ml

If you've read this post on the Original BB Cream from Rimmel, you will know I liked it. So when I saw the matte version, I needed to try it. My main issue with the original formula was that it was a little too dewy for me. In comparison, the formula for the matte version is a lot thinner and more runny than the original, although I have not noticed any less coverage.

I've been really enjoying using this as it's light but with a decent coverage and lasts fairly well. It's not perfect in covering blemishes but as you can see from the swatch it covered my freckles really well. I also prefer this to the original formula just because it is matte. I love that it's not as dewy but also it's not extremely matte.

I would really recommend this for an everyday foundation! You can find it pretty much anywhere that sells Rimmel!

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