Sunday, 11 October 2015

BIODERMA Hydrabio Tonique Moisturising Toning Lotion 250 mL

Bioderma - Hydrabio Tonique Moisturising Toning Lotion - $29.99/250ml
Hey lovelies!

I thought I bought a micellar water, I didn't. I bought a toning water. Oh well, this happens. I definitely didn't need another toner but that's ok. It's part of their hydrabio range which is supposed to be more hydrating and better suited to those with sensitive skin.

So my verdict on this product is that it's lovely, soft and gentle. I love using this if I'm having a sensitive or dry skin day. It's actually fairly good at removing left over eye make up as well.

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Festival Focus - 3 Beauty Tips for a Festival

Hi Lovelies!

These are my three beauty and hair tips when choosing my makeup and hair for a festival:

  1. Prime/Set/Fix - You will be hot and sweaty and dancing your little (or big) booty all day. You need that face to stay in place. Prime your face, set your foundation and fix that face with a setting spray. I don't feel like a dewy look is really the best for a festival in my opinion. You will look awesome for the first couple of hours and then you will be a sweaty mess. Not ok. So for me, it's a powdered, matte face and some kind of long lasting lipstick. Oh, and make sure you use a good mascara and an eye primer too. You don't want to end up with most of it on your cheeks. In terms of hair, if it's up you need ALL of the bobby pins. All of them. I also recommend having textured hair as well, if it's too clean then it will fall out. Hair spray is your new best friend.
  2. Sun Protection - Get your self a good, non-sticky, non-greasy sunscreen, especially for your face. You do not want to ruin your skin regardless of how much fun you're having. Yes, cheap sunscreen is so tempting, no one wants to spend money on that, it's boring! But do it. It's worth it. Get your self something that sinks in fast. Theres nothing worse than feeling sticky as festivals can be gross enough as they are. And sunscreen your whole body, please. Nothing worse then getting burnt. 
  3. Functionality - Just like with my fashion tips, don't choose something solely based on the way it looks. Experiment, do something different but I don't recommend trying a new product for the first time. There's nothing worse then wandering into the toilet and seeing that your new blue mascara has flaked off into blue freckles all over your cheeks or that seriously cool plum lipstick has smudged into looking like you've acquired some kind of facial hair. Try it out before the day. This is true for any special occasion, test it out first. 
I hope you've enjoyed my three tips! What are yours?
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Sunday, 4 October 2015

My Typical Grooming Day!

Hey lovelies!

This is a little summary of my typical grooming/relaxing day. I try to do this or at least a rushed version of this every week. I usually get up and do some exercise write a blog post, do some chores and so on. I also did a little youtube video at the end. Please let me know what you think!

I try to wash my brushes on these kind of days because usually I won't be wearing make up at all that day. This doesn't always happen, but I try!

I re-dye my hair probably every 3-4 months as I base it mainly how it looks and feels. Once my roots are pretty off colour and the ends feel super faded. These days I always use the Deep Cherry Brown from John Frieda as I love the colour and feel like it's one of the longest lasting I've used. I just use one packet even though I have long hair because I don't feel like it really needs it.

I love the different Frank scrubs and will have a post at some point comparing the three different varieties. I always exfoliate, before shaving as I will be fake tanning. I also think it's important for skin health, and I think I've noticed a difference since making it a regular part of my routine. If I don't have much time, I'll do this the night before and tan first thing in the morning. When I shave I always use D'Fluff from Lush as I want to protect my skin. It also smells ah-mazing.

With tanning, I always change up what I use but I am really liking the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Lotion. I use both Light/Medium and the Dark version, depending on how dark I want my tan or how long I can leave it on for. I always moisturise my hands and feet and wipe excess onto elbows and knees. I don't really care much about the quality of the moisturiser when I'm using it to tan as it's just to dilute the tan solution. Here, I'm just using up what's left of the Nivea Hand Fluid as I don't love it.

After tanning, I chill out, watch loads youtube, write up my blog posts for the week, study, eat lunch or whatever I need to do.

Here's the little video, let me know your feedback!

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Festival Focus - 3 Fashion Tips for a Festival

Hello Lovelies,

These are the three things I keep in mind when planning a festival outfit.

  1. Comfort; Now it doesn't have to be as comfortable as those disgusting old track pants and t-shirt that we all know and love but it has to be fairly comfortable as you will be wearing it all day. I also need to feel comfortable in wearing it, because if I am not sure if it looks good or not, I'm going to be self conscious all day. 
  2. Functionality; Now you're clearing not going to be wearing stilettos, but in terms of shoe choices I think these are the questions to ask. How easy is it to lose them off my feet in a mosh pit? Can I walk/dance/run/fall over all day in them without complaining to everyone around me? Are they going to get completely ruined/be unsalvageable? I think always pick something sturdy, comfortable and completely killer in style. Functionality in terms of clothing takes me straight to boob tubes or anything strapless. I'm not going to mess about, I think it's the stupidest idea ever to wear anything completely strapless at a festival. You'll be jumping, running and messing about and that just makes it way to easy to show things you don't want to show. Unless you do want to show them, and then that's fine, you do you. 
  3. Experiment; Festivals give you that chance to really have fun with prints, cuts and colours. Go bold, do something a little bit different. Push your boundaries. This year I want to play more with prints as I generally stick to plain, one colour garments. 
Leave a comment below and let me know what your top tips are and if your going to try something new this year! 
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Sunday, 27 September 2015

NARS - Lipstick in Cruising

NARS - Lipstick in Cruising - $40
 Hi Lovelies!

I've been wearing this lipstick a lot lately and so I thought I would share! I love the NARS lipsticks and find them moisturising and fairly long wearing. This was actually my wedding lipstick and one of the lovely girls from Mecca suggested it for me as a nude colour to compliment the darker eye.

It looks fantastic with a lipliner underneath and depending on what colour lip liner you choose really alters the way it looks. I've been wearing in on it's own mostly lately as it gives this beautiful sheen and is definitely a 'your lips but better' colour.

Above is a picture of me wearing it from my wedding. Here I was wearing it over a nude lip liner and I love the way it looks. It's subtle, pretty and really does work with pretty much any make up look. 

What's your favourite NARS lipstick? 

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Festival Focus - Old Outfit, New Again

Hello Lovelies! 

Here's an old outfit (and I'm talking like over 6 years old) that I thought I would share as it's still one of my favourites. I don't wear it nearly as much anymore as my style has changed since then but I think it's pretty festival appropriate so I thought, why not share! 

The part of this outfit that is over 6 years old is the Guns 'N' Roses t-shirt (yes, I did used to listen to them all the time) and the shorts. I bought the t-shirt massively oversized from some really cheap stall and cut off the arms and collar, I also have a safety pin through the back to give it some shape. The shorts were from City Beach and are the brand Bubblegum. They did used to have a bit more too them, like the ones below, but over time they just became more and more distressed until I just cut off some of the bottom as they would rip and become really long dangly bits.

The boots are TopShop boots that I bought around six months to a year ago I believe and are no longer available. Same with the little floral top I have on underneath, however it is from Missguided. I should have taken a photo from the side as front on it's hard to see the crop top.

I had a scroll through Missguided and came up with the items below that could put together something really similar if you wanted to try to recreate the look. Just click on the link in the caption to see the item on the website.

L to R, T to B: 1. Floral Printed Triangle Neck Crop Top Purple 2. Star Print T-Shirt Black 3. Extreme All Over Rip Denim Shorts White 4. Cut Out Western Ankle Boots

This is still definitely not THE outfit for Stereosonic but I'm having fun playing around and trying to figure out what I want. Also the hair style I'm wearing I posted a tutorial on here.
Let me know what you think of this type of post and how you would wear this outfit.
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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Triple Braid Hair Up Do (for those days when you need to wash your hair!)

Hey lovelies! 

This is my first post like this and I got my lovely husband Jamie to take the photos for me. Let me know what I can do to improve these kind of posts for you! Also excuse my make up free face! 

Ok, back to the hair. So this look is for that 'I need to look good but I don't have time to wash my hair' situation (perfect for camping festivals maybe?) I did this with three braids based on how I wanted my hair to be parted but I get that the asymmetry would really annoy some people but you can totally do this with either two braids by not including the third, or by adding in a fourth. 

You will need: 

  • Dry Shampoo if your hair is greasy or a texturing spray if you have clean hair 
  • Bobby Pins, more than in the photo, way more
  • Styling Comb (optional)
  • 3 Little Hair Bands
  • Hair Brush
  • Hair Straightener

  • So start with thoroughly brushing your hair and spraying in either a texturising spray or a dry shampoo so that your hair is thick and voluminous. 
  • Split your part off to the side if you want to do the three braids like mine, if you want to do 2 or four braids it will work better to have your part down the centre.
  • Braid about a third of your hair from the larger side of your part. Use this to frame your face and try to keep as close to the face as possible. Trying to pull hair from the front section only is the best way to ensure this. Plait all the way to the end.
  • When you finish your braid, tie off with one of your bands and start to pull out your plait to make it look thicker. Do this slowly and carefully as it can be easy to over pull and ruin your hard work! I like it pretty messy and I knew I was going to be pulling this back and bobby pinning the hell out of it so I wasn't too careful.

  • Set that braid aside and pull about a third again from the other side of your hair and start to braid down the back. Again, I wasn't too worried about being neat because I feel like messy texture is just perfect for this look and and you've always got bobby pins to fix any mistakes! 
  • I decided to stop and tie up the braid one I got to the other side of my head as I wanted to keep some length in the final braid but you can totally keep plaiting to the end of your hair and make is even fuller looking, you will just lose length. 
  • Pull out your plait again to give it the fullness. 

  • With the final third start to braid straight down and then incorporate your other two sections into a braid. If you are doing two or four braids, you will have to split the ends and try to make them into equal sections. 
  • Once you have finished your plait, start to pull out your plait again, make it look super big and full. 

  • Now we start putting it up. Pull your plait across to the other side of your head and pin to your Tuck the end of the plait under the braid and pin back. 
  • Play around with pulling sections of hair and pinning back loose sections until happy will the way it sits. 
  • As a final touch I curled the loose strands on the side of the face. 

Tag me in your photos if you recreate this at all!
Thanks for reading!