Sunday, 28 June 2015

My 3 Favourite Face Brushes!

Hi Lovelies! 

I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite brushes. I have quite a few brushes, not as many as most beauty obsessed women, but these are the three I would pick if you made me choose. Now, I'm going to point this out here that this is not in order. I can't choose, my brushes are my baby children, so don't make me (it was hard enough choosing three!).  Also, I'm sorry I didn't wash the brushes first. 

The Real Techniques Blush Brush is one of favourites because it's great for blush (surprise!) but honestly, this picks up so much product in like one swipe. I just have to dip my brush in my blush a couple times, dab on my cheeks and boom, so much pigment. Then all you have to do is remove excess product and blend it out. Lovely. It's so nice and dense and soft!

One of my cheaper brushes could almost peak as my absolute favourite and that's the EcoTools Large Powder Brush. It's potentially my favourite because I use it for so many different things. I use it for powder, contour, bronzer, sometimes blush and blending! I would recommend this brush to anyone.

Third in the post is another Real Techiques brush and this time it's the Buffing Brush from the Core Collection. The whole Core Collection is really good and I use all four brushes fairly regularly. I love the buffing brush as I find it does make my makeup look really flawless. However, if you're brush isn't clean it doesn't do a great job. So you do have to clean it regularly, or have a few in turn!

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Bourjois - Rouge Edition Frambourjoise

Bourjois - Rouge Edition in Frambourjoise - $24

 Hello Lovelies!

I felt like this was an appropriate wintery but bright, pinky red shade. I think this a gorgeous colour to wear during the day to brighten up a simple face. It's pretty, it's bright but it's not too bold. I love it!

On my hand swatch, the colour seems more of a red based but on my lips it's probably better described as a raspberry colour.

The Bourjois website states that the lipstick's "soft, melting texture glides on to the lips and turns into a matt, velvety and incredibly light colour. Lips are left smooth and soft as velvet. Enriched with evanescent oils, it’s incredibly sensuous formula provides a soft, second-skin feel, without drying or fading lips." 
Initially, I agree with the fact that is a creamy and smooth formula which doesn't feel drying at all. I feel that as a result of that the finish isn't quite matte and has a soft sheen. After it's had some time on the lips to dry it does start to feel a little dry and becomes a bit more matte. I do like the formula of this a lot as it lasts fairly well on the lips throughout the day. It kind of stains the lips so that a light wash of the colours stays even through eating and drinking and my favourite part is that it doesn't just flake off like a lot of long wearing lipsticks. It's mostly kiss proof as well but a very light transfer does happen but it kind of just looks like your partner has naturally pink lips. It probably wouldn't last a full on make out session but it does last through some quick kisses.

At $24 each they aren't the cheapest drugstore lipsticks but they are really nice. I have another colour in this formula called nude-ist which I was a little disappointed as it's way too dark and pink to be a true nude lipstick but it's still a nice, easy to wear colour and I love the formula! 

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Priceline Haul + Free Goodie Bag 2015

Hello Lovelies!

So it's the' Priceline Skincare Goodie Bag time of year again! It's the best excuse to buy those bits and pieces you've been eyeing off for a while, or just stock up on things you know in love (you always need a back up for your back up, right?). The bits I chose are mostly more splurgy items I've wanted to try but haven't been able to justify. All were on sale too!

1. Nuxe - Baume Levres Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm - $15.99 (RRP $19.99)
2. Antipodes - Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream - $38.99 (RRP $48.99)
3. Bioderma - Hydrabio Tonique Moisturising Toning Lotion - $23.99 (RRP $29.99)
4. Thursday Plantation - Tea Tree Medicated Gel for Acne - $9.59 (RRP $11.99)

Total Price: $88.56

So, I overspent. Surprise, surprise! The Nuxe Lip Balm is something I've wanted to try for ages and is raved about all over the internet. I have tried it once and it was amazing! I don't think I'll take it around with me but I think it will take a prime spot in my night time skin routine.

Ok, so onto the good part. What was in the bag.

1. Jergens - Original Beauty Lotion Dry Skin Moisturiser 250ml - $6.99
2. L'Oreal - Revitalift Magic Blur Finishing Cream 30ml - $24.99
3. Palmer's - Indulgent Coconut Oil Body Lotion 250ml - $8.80
4. Bondi Sands - Self Tanning Mitt - $9.99
5. Neutrogena - Deep Clean Facial Cleanser 200ml - $13.99
6. Biore - Warming Anit-Blackhead Cleanser 177g - $9.99
7. Swisspers - Cotton Tips 400pack - $5.79
8. Le Tan - Fast Tan Dark Bronze Instant Foaming Mousse 110ml - $13.49
9. Rosken - Intensive Moisture Hand Cream 75ml - $3.99
10. Essano - Rosehip Nourishing Hand Creme 120ml - $14.99
11. Avene - Thermal Spring Water 50ml - $9.99
12. Dr. Lewinn's - Multi-Moisture Balm 50g - $29.99
13. Thursday Plantation - Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner 100ml - $9.99
14. Sukin - Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Masque 100ml - $15.99
15. Innoxa - Organic Brightening Eye Cream 15ml - $19.99
16. Pure Paw Paw - Paw Paw Ointment in Grape 25g - $5.99
17. Formula 10.0.6 - Purifying Facial Wipes 25pack - $6.99
18. Swisspers - Original Facial Wipes 25pack - $6.29
19. Lanolips - Lip Ointment with Colour SPF 15 in Rose 12.5g - $13.99
20. Burt's Bees - Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia 4.3g  - $14.99
21. Nivea - Lip Butter in Unscented 16.7g - $5.69

Total Price: $252.90

The following I couldn't find online or are sample sizes:
22. La Roche-Posay - Cicaplast Levres Lip Repairing Balm 7.5ml
23. Key Sun - Pink Zinke SPF 50+ 5g
24. Montagne Jeunesse - Blemish Mud Masque Trial Size 6g - Full Size 20g $3.99
25. Antipodes - Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream Trial Size 5ml - Full Size 60ml $48.99
26. Antipodes - Apostle Skin Brightening Serum Trial Size 10ml - Full Size 30ml $58.99
27. Bioderma - Hydrabio Serum 15ml - Full Size 40ml $42.99
28. Garnier - Miracle Skin Cream 5ml - Full Size 50ml $19.99

You also get 3 vouchers for a free Innoxa Product worth $17.99, a free Model Co Cleanser worth $14.99 and a free Garnier Miracle Skin Cream worth $19.99. I don't like these vouchers as the most likely scenario is that I will forget about them, they'll expire and I miss out. I'm also not bothered about any of these products.

In terms of wether or not I think buying $69+ of skincare and getting a free goodie bag is worth it, I have to say a massive yes! I don't know anyone who doesn't use some kind of skin care and with a sale on anyway it can be a good excuse to stock up on your essentials, even if it's just your favourite moisturiser! Obviously as someone who loves to blog about beauty products I am all up for trying new products but if you are someone who uses the same skin care products every day and never tries anything new, then you probably wont think it's worth it.

Compared to last years bag, which I wrote about here, I think this one is better. It contains more brands and products that I would use and there are way less vouchers. One thing that is a personal peeve, because I'm sure a lot of people would disagree but there are always way too many lip balms. Don't get me wrong, I love a lip balm and it's always handy to have more, but I honestly have enough lip balm to last me the rest of my life. I still have all three lip balms from last years bag and now I have 5 more that were included in this bag! I know I bought one too, so I shouldn't complain, but there are 2 coloured balm options and three normal lip balms included in this bag which I think is excessive. There were 22 full sized products in last years bag whereas there are 23 in this years. You also get more samples and less vouchers!

All in all, it's a silly thing to complain about too many lip balms as they do always come in handy. You do get repeat products like hand and body moisturisers and facial cleansers but considering shelf life of these products is generally 12-24 months and I still have a couple of products left from last years bag, you do get a years worth out of it. For something that's free and worth well over $250 plus the opportunity to purchase discount products that I would buy anyway. I think it's an amazing offer!

Thanks for reading and I hoped this helped, sorry if I've convinced you to go and pick one up!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

15 Birthday Gift Ideas for Someone Like Me!

Hello Lovelies! 

It's two weeks until my birthday and you always get the inevitable question about what you want for your birthday. I usually just ask for something I've had my eye on for a while or something I like but wouldn't buy for myself. I feel like gifts you wouldn't fork out for yourself are the best presents because it's usually something slightly more luxurious! If your struggling to think of something to give someone, I hope this helps.

Over $500

Breville - The Kitchen Whizz Pro - $529.95
Now I know this is probably not the gift you would probably expect from a 22 year old beauty blogger, (nor are probably any in this category!) but since starting to eat healthier I feel like I need one of these. I want to be one of those cool kids who make their own Hummus!

Canon - Powershot G7X - $809.00
This has been named as one of the best digital cameras this year. Mines still going well but it is getting older and since I do try to take good photos for my blog so I would like something that would assist me in that!

Apple - Time Capsule 3TB - $549.00
Again, maybe a little bit random, but my cousin had one of these when I lived with her and it is awesome. It's not a necessary item but it does act as a wifi booster and a back up device. It backs up your laptop automatically and can store up to 3TB so if you do have multiple computers it can store all the backups.

$200 - $500

Grafea - Duffy £145.00 / $291.05
This is definitely a more luxury item for me. I do buy pricier bags/purses as I try to only buy myself one very rarely as I am EXTREMELY fussy so if I do buy one I'd rather it last me for years. I now take a backpack to work as I work at a sportswear brand, so I find it goes well and it's so much easier! This just looks beautiful and is supposed to be great quality. 

NuMe - Octowand - $300.00 
This has been raved about up and down the internet and is supposed to be amazing and I don't own a good curling wand. Enough said. 

Nike - Air Max 90 Ultra Breathe - $200.00
These just look super cool. It's pretty trendy to wear sneakers again and like I said I work in sportswear so I like to look super cool too. 

$100 - $200

Nike  - Air Max 1 Print - $170.00
I know I just spoke about a different pair but I honestly couldn't decide between the grey pair or this pair. I think I like the grey slightly more as it's a little more wearable but I just love this fun pattern! 

Byredo Parfums - Mojave Ghost - $164.00
This smells amazing. Like seriously amazing. The Mecca Cosmetica website describes it as "A tribute to the resilient Mojave Ghost Flower of the Mojave Desert, this warm floral fragrance captivates the senses and lingers on the skin."  Enough said.

Zoeva - Rose Gold Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set - $117.18
This has 12 brushes that are a beautiful rose gold colour. They have good reviews all over the internet and look like a really good way to help step up anyones eye game.

$50 - $100

Lipstick Queen - Hall of Fame II - $64.00
I've never tried anything from Lipstick Queen but this just looks amazing. Three gorgeous colours and what cute packing! I'm such a sucker for packaging! They are described as sheer washes of colour so they could be really good day to day lipsticks.

This is just beautiful!! I swatched this in store and it is just amazing. I'd love to be able to have a play with this. 

Nintendo Wii U - Yoshi's Woolly World - $79.95
If you own a Nintendo Wii U I'm going to assume that you need this. It's yoshi, made from wool, in a platform game. I can't wait! 

Under $50

Fleur do Force - The Glam Guide -$25.36
I had a flick through this the other day and it looks so interesting! I really think this would be a great read before bed or when you just need to chill out. 

Mimco - Hardwired Bangle - $49.95 
I'm a little obsessed with rose gold (just like everyone else) and this is just way too pretty. It would look good with any outfit and being Mimco, you know it's going to be good quality. Also comes in other metals, which I think all three would look good together. 

T2 - Go Go Goa - $28.00 
Ok, so I already own this, but it's limited edition so I would not say no to a second tin. It's a vanilla chai tea and it's so, so yummy. Literally like drinking a delicious dessert. Bonus, the tin is super cute. 

Thanks for reading! 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Homemade Sugar-Free Chai Lattes!

Hello Lovelies!

I know this is a different post from me but I am just so excited about my discovery! Silly me, I didn't think to take photos of the process or note down exact quantities that I used of the spices! But I feel like this is one of those recipes that get better the more you experiment with them and find your own perfect combo. This worked really well for me and takes very, very little effort. It does take a lot of time however! So first up you want to make the chai tea. This is lovely as a tea if you want something warm and spicy but take it off the stove a lot earlier than I did below. We want this to be as strong as possible so that we only have to use a little bit of water to flavour the latte and not water it down.

Chai Tea


3L Water
2 Vanilla Beans
5 Cinnamon Sticks
Inch of Fresh Ginger, Large Slices
2 Tablespoons of Cardamon Pods
1 Tablespoons of Cloves
1 teaspoon of whole Peppercorns


Simplest recipe in the world. The only bit of prep required, besides slicing the ginger into big chunks, is I sliced the vanilla beans open and scraped out the seeds into the pot to help infuse the flavour. Then all that is needed is to fill up your pot, put it on the stove, throw in all the spices and bring the water to a boil! When it's boiled, turn it down and leave it to simmer for maybe 4-5 hours. We still found this a little weak so I left it overnight on the lowest setting and turned it off in the morning. I then left the pot for maybe another 8-9 hours with the spices still in the pot before pouring it through a strainer and then into bottles.
What I'd probably recommend, and what I'll do in the future, is pop it on first thing in the morning on a home day and then just leave off heat overnight.

Definitely going to be having chai latte's all winter! 

Clearly this recipe is so adaptable in both flavour and quantity. With the strength of the tea, the 2.5 - 3L we had left of it is going to last us such a long time! If you aren't sure of it, reduce your quantity and make a smaller batch. This will also reduce your cooking time. Store left over tea in the fridge for future chai lattes!

I think next time I have a go, I would like to put some whole nutmegs in too and maybe put some more cinnamon sticks in to give some extra flavour as well. You can really play around with the recipe and make it your own. I really don't want a very sweet chai latte (which is my main grievance when buying a chai latte out), I want it to be full of spice and flavour and get a lot of the sweetness from the cinnamon. The vanilla in this is perfect for me, theres the hint of sweetness but it doesn't cover up the flavour of the spices and adds a lovely taste to the latte. Obviously if you like a sweet latte, try adding a few drops of stevia or some rice malt syrup for a fructose free sweet chai.

Ok, so now onto the actual latte part. yay!


Chai Tea
Ground Cinnamon


You literally need such a small amount of the tea. Obviously the more you use, the more flavour in the latte but the more watery you'll make it. I don't know the exact measurement but the amount I used in the above photo was perfect!

So we have a Nespresso milk frother and this makes these chai latte's so easy! If you don't have one, you can heat your milk on the stove and either hand whisk it, or use a blender of some sort. Alternatively you can pick up mini hand held electric frother thingos in a lot of different stores. It would still be lovely with just heated unfrothed milk too, I just love frothed milk!

Ok so you're almost done. But you know what's missing right?

Yup! The ground cinnamon!! Sprinkle that everywhere.

I am obsessed with this and I'm so impressed with how well it worked. Like I said, my main issue with buying chai lattes out is that they're too sweet! So making my own and being able to tweak it to my taste is like perfection. The best part? Having so much on standby in the fridge and being able to have a chai latte whenever I want!!

If you give this a go let me know how you went!
Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Current Foundation Collection

Hello Lovelies! 

So one thing I have noticed lately is that I only own drugstore foundation. I have owned and tried some more expensive foundations in the past and I own a variety of high end makeup in general but I never actually purchase high end foundations anymore. My reason for this is that I can't justify it. I love my drugstore foundations (have you guessed my favourite brand yet?) and they do the same job. I feel like it could just be that I haven't found the high end foundation for me yet, but I'm pretty satisfied in the drug store. The one thing that would sway me to spend more on my foundation would be the effect it has on my skin. If I found a foundation that was truly beneficial to my skin then I would give it a go. As I have always suffered with pimples I'm very conscious of how my skin reacts to my makeup. I would also like to try some more natural brands.

1. The first foundation I want to talk about is one of my more recent finds. The Maybelline - Superstay Better Skin in 005 Light Beige is a new favourite. It states that it will reduce redness and clear imperfections and contains an Actyl-C Formula which is a derivitive of Vitamin C. It also contains a combination of Vitamin B5, septonic M3, Magnesium, Zinc and Copperhydrates. These ingredients supposedly help to regenerate the skin, even discoloured and dull areas and plump skin. (source) My skin has been better recently but I don't know if I would contribute a lot of that to this foundation as I've been improving a variety of aspects of my life. I will do a full review of this soon as I feel like I have too much to say! 

2. The Rimmel - Wake Me Up Foundation in 100 Ivory and 103 True Ivory is one that's been repurchased many, many times. I'm surprised I haven't done a full reveiw on this previously but I will give a short explanation on why I love it. It's a semi-dewy foundation. It's not incredibly shiny but it gives a lovely glow! It's another foundation that is supposed to help your skin and I don't find it irritating at all even though it's a light to medium coverage. It's definitely a buildable foundation as well which is what I like. It can be too dark for me without a tan however. Pale girl problems! 

3.  This is my least favourite foundation in my collection but it's a good one to have in the draw I guess. I used to like the Rimmel - Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in 081 Fair Ivory and 100 Ivory a lot and I'm not sure if I changed the way I use it or if I have a different preference now. It's very, very thick and gives a high coverage. I do like it when I use it properly as it's very matte so I don't need to powder and I don't really use concealer with it either. It can be hard to blend and with not many colours in the range I don't really feel I can match it perfectly to me. I don't want to trash too much as it is good, just not my favourite. 

4. The original Rimmel - BB 9 in 1 Cream in Light was something I used to purchased a lot, currently it's just been sitting there. I still don't mind it but I prefer the matte version. Check out my review from last year here

5. The Rimmel - Matte BB Cream in Light is the second BB Cream from Rimmel and is so far my favourite. I reviewed it here last year as well, but I'll do a quick recap. It's not too matte, so some people may find that annoying, I still powder it but it's definitely not dewy. It's very light, quick and easy to blend and perfect for day to day. Main issue with both the original and the matte is the lack of shades. Both the Light in the original and the matte are a tad too dark when I don't have a tan.

6. The latest Rimmel BB Cream to be released is the Rimmel - Radiance BB Cream in Very Light. It won my vote instantly because it came in a couple of extra shades (still too few) but the very light is a little too fair for me. I'm more of a matte foundation person but I do like this when powdered if I'm feeling a little dull. My favourite combo at the moment however is to mix the Matte BB Cream and the Radiance BB cream together to make a much better match in colour. It also has a lovely end finish as it tones down the radiance a little but still adds a lovely glow! 

Left to Right: Maybelline Superstay Better Skin in 005 Light Beige - Rimmel Wake me Up in 100 Ivory - Rimmel Stay Matte in 081 Fair Ivory - Rimmel BB Cream in Light - Rimmel Matte BB Cream in Light - Rimmel Radiance BB Cream in Very Light

I've been a bit stuck on Rimmel foundations for the past couple of years so I definitely need to break out of that. I find the foundations I've picked up tend to have some kind of claim to benefit the skin in some way. Obviously the Rimmel - Stay Matte is an exception! It's really important to me to not irritate my skin or my pimples as it can really get me down. Any suggestions on new ones to try are always welcome! 

Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Bourjois - Beauty' Full Volume Mascara

Bourjois - Beauty' Full Volume - $19 / 9ml

This mascara has been my go to at the moment! It's perfect for everyday or a subtle make up look. The reasons I like it so much is because it gives nice length to lashes and a good amount of volume. It's quick to get a good result and that's what a girl needs first thing in the morning!!

I'll admit it's not the best mascara, I won't call it a holy grail but it's a good everyday mascara. It's fairly cheap too which is always a bonus!

Thanks for reading!